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How It Works

It’s simple! Purchase a minimum of $1,595 of our Audio and/or Video CME and add on your choice of a $500 American Express® Business or $500 Amazon gift card.

Call our office now toll free at 866-267-4263 or direct at 941-388-1766 or simply choose your  Courses by adding them to the shopping cart, agree to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion, and enter the promo code amex (for Amex Gift Card) or amazon (for Amazon Gift Card) at checkout. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there will be NO REFUNDS permitted with this offer.

*Minimum purchase of $1,595 before applicable sales tax is required. This offer is available with our Hard Copy and Downloadable Audio MP3 and Video MP4 format. By selecting this promotion at checkout, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions for this promotion. There are NO REFUNDS with this offer and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.