Why can't you put the Location on the certificate, other organizations do?

Other Non-Accredited companies, who even affiliate with legitimate Accredited Organizations, “skirt” this issue by providing a “Certificate of Participation” with the location identified. This should NOT be confused with the Formal AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ certificate and use of this “Certificate of Participation”, we fear, could get you in trouble with your workplace and/or the IRS if used improperly. As per the AMA Requirements, the AMA Certificate MUST NOT have the location of participation identified on it for Audio/Video (enduring materials) courses.  If you need location verification, other receipts and travel documents indicating your travel purpose and destination should be correlated with the legitimate AMA Certificate with course title, dates and credits such as we provide.

Are the CME Travel courses approved for AAFP credits like your live programs?

The AAFP accepts any activity approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ as equivalent to AAFP Elective credits, such as our enduring materials. This is self-reporting to the AAFP and must be reported as AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™; however, they are NOT directly approved for AAFP credits.

Do we issue AOA credits for D.O.'s for our live and travel courses?

Our courses are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, which equate to 2-B AOA credits, and you would self-report these; however, they are NOT directly approved for AOA credits.

When must I complete my post-test?

Your post-test and evaluation must be completed online, prior to the expiration date of the course. However, please note that all certificates have a course completion date. Credit can NOT be issued after the expiration date, no exceptions.

Can I take a course outside of the U.S., complete it in another country and get credit?

Yes. Our courses are designed to be flexible. You may take them where and when you like. However, if you are expecting reimbursement or tax deductions, you need to speak with your accountant and/or organization about your policies on reimbursement prior to travel. Please remember that it is unlawful for AMS to give tax advice.

How many days can I take to complete the course?

The number of days you take to complete the course is up to you. The estimated time to complete a 5 credit course is 5 hours. Also, please note that all certificates have a course completion date. The completion date is the date that we receive your test & evaluation on-line.


Where are the live seminars held?

Currently, we offer our live seminars in cities all across the United States. We do have our popular “Home, Commute or Travel CME” available for download if you cannot attend one of our live sessions.

Enterprise Rental will not guarantee a car seat?

Enterprise now provides car seats through a 3rd party. Please confirm before guaranteeing.

Is there a registration fee difference for a physician as opposed to a non-physician?

Yes. Currently Physician Fee is $1029, Non-Physician Fee is $949

Does a Resident get any discount from the Registration fee?

All registration fees are the same for Residents.

What is the schedule for the activity for the week?

CME activities in Sarasota are held Monday-Thursday 7:30-12:50pm EST

CME activities outside of Sarasota are held Monday-Wednesday 7:30-12:50pm in the time zone where the conference is held.

What does the registration fee include?

On-site paid participants only: Daily healthy continental breakfast; coffee/ beverage breaks; e-syllabus and AMA certificate of completion from American medical Seminars, Inc.

Are the CME activities certified for credit?

Yes. American Medical Seminars, Inc. is accredited by the ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. You will receive an AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ certificate upon completion of the course.  Additional certifications apply and can be viewed at accreditation/certification.

Who is the intended audience for these programs?

Family practitioners, Internal medicine, General practitioners, and specialists who intend to learn more about primary care medicine.

What is the policy for a no-show?

Individuals who fail to attend the course (no-shows) will not be entitled to any refund.

Do we issue AOA credits for D.O.'s for our live and travel courses?

No. Our courses are approved for Category 1 AMA credits, which equate to 2-B AOA credits, and you would self-report these.

How about other certifications?

Please go to our accreditation/certification page for complete details.