“I enjoyed this course. I learned a lot regarding current guidelines and practices. It will improve my communication skills with my patients and this course will improve my overall management of my patients in clinical settings practice.”

Aiman Nimer Abu-ajiena, M.D.

“Clinically useful, well organized, expert speakers, topics relevant to patients that I will see every day.”

Kevin P. Kirk, M.D.

“Very good. Learned something usable from each speaker, topic. Personable, friendly speakers with many years of clinical experience which made their presentations more applicable to my clinical practice.”

Carl A. Rasmussen, M.D.

“Excellent!  Topics are evidence-based and information can be used upon return to the clinic.”

Cecilia D. Carag, M.D.

“Great course. Have and will recommend AMS. Very well organized and stays on time – appreciates my time.”

Megan Alison Settle, M.D.

“It highlights salient points, tons of PEARLS, and gets to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of medicine without extraneous filler. One of the best CMEs I have ever attended.”

Crystal Sullivan, PA-C

“This course has the highest ratio of usable information per time spent. The lectures are non-fluff, straight forward, well paced. Good emphasis on the ‘take home message’.”

Norbert R. Straub, M.D.

“Excellent course. Concise and always held my interest. Knowledgeable speakers who deliver information in an enjoyable manner.”

David Feingold, M.D.

“Excellent course – the lecture on pediatric head injury alone was almost worth the price of admission.”

David Smith, M.D.

“Very happy with the speakers, always knowledgeable and easy to understand and follow. I will definitely be back for more. Appreciate half day lectures.”

Olga I. Tezaguic, D.O.

 “I have been attending courses since 1987 – very well done. The content is well presented and most helpful to improving my delivery of medical care to my patients.”

Randall N. Clark, M.D.

“Excellent. The presenters provide relevant clinical data that I can apply immediately on returning home.”

Ernest J. Gray, M.D.

“Faculty members were most helpful, approachable, professional, knowledgeable. Very friendly staff.”

Resurreccion A. Santos M.D.

“I’ve been attending CME conferences for 30 years. These conferences are consistently very well organized and executed. The whole package: quality of lectures, hotel, surrounding area, is why I continue to return every year.”

Gordon H. Campbell, PA-C

“Very practical and clinically relevant. Style of delivery enhanced learning and understanding. Audience questions reinforced the learning.”

Robert G. Pope, M.D.


Ingrid Thomas, M.D.

“Great course!! Loved the speakers, the info, and the updated guidelines. Will definitely recommend this course to colleagues.”

Salam O. Hadrami, M.D.

“Excellent course and facility, will definitely recommend it to colleagues. Appreciated the structure of AM lectures and free afternoons.”

Jessica Morse, D.O.

“I am so glad that I took this course. Content addressed the main patient problems/medical scenarios that we encounter day-to-day. Would recommend to others!”

Sharilyn Chappell, PA-C

“Thank you for this excellent participant-centered CME.  Every evidence-based and engaging lecture gave me several pearls that will change my practice.  Sarasota is a lovely setting for R&R – it facilitates absorbing the material.”

Joanna L. Dubinsky, PA-C

“Very good course. Faculty was well-informed and well-read.”

Sharon McKee M.D.

“Best CME I have done in years, maybe ever. Very high-yield for my practice. Very down to earth, patient oriented. I think it will help me be a better doctor. Thank you.”

Joseph J. Antinori, M.D.

 “I came with certain expectations and I can definitely say that this course went beyond my expectations. There were so many small things which nobody teaches you in medical school/residency. You learn these things by yourself.  But these three gentlemen shared many such small but significant things that can alter a patient’s life.”

Vajinder Singh, M.D.