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3 Tips for Planning a CME Vacation

By April 1, 2024CME Activities

With just a little bit of planning, your required CME credits can easily become a relaxing vacation. Try these three tips and start looking forward to a trip that combines high-quality CME with a vacation-worthy destination so you can return home refreshed and excited to apply what you learned to your practice!

1. Choose a Vacation-Worthy Destination

No matter what type of destination you’re looking for, there’s probably CME nearby. Popular CME vacations include white sand beaches, attraction-filled cities, upscale ski resorts, and even cruises.

Many CME providers plan half day conference schedules to help attendees take advantage of the destination. If you’re attending a CME conference for the location as much as the topic, this schedule gives you more time to relax on the beach or explore new surroundings. With sessions ending around noon, you can easily schedule excursions, visit museums and other attractions, make dinner reservations, and meet travel companions after their morning activities.

You can also extend your stay, booking shoulder days in or near your destination. Florida CME is great for these types of trips, with coastal resorts and lots of theme parks within a few hour’s drive of each other.

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2. Book a Venue that Works for You

CME providers try to choose conference venues that work for lots of attendees. If the host venue works for you and your travel companions, great! Book early to take advantage of room block rates and make the most of your CME funds.

However, not every hotel or resort is a good fit for every group. If the host venue doesn’t have the amenities you’re looking for, search nearby for a better fit. Consider amenities like adults-only or family-friendly pools, restaurants and bars, and special room layouts like suites which are great when you’ll be attending a conference for a week and potentially staying in your destination (and the room) even longer.

Not every destination or accommodation will be eligible for reimbursement under your employer’s policy. Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered by your CME allowance before booking to avoid surprise expenses. Of course, you can always pay your own way to experience a destination exactly how you want to.

3. Find Convenient Dates

Just like destinations and accommodations, there are lots of dates to choose from when planning a CME trip. There are a few ways to choose the best dates for you:

  • Weather: Escape to warmer weather or head straight toward snow for winter CME or head to more temperate cities throughout the summer.
  • School Breaks: If the whole family is coming, it might make sense to align CME with all or part of a school break.
  • Friends: You likely have lots of friends in medicine from medical school and residency. Consider attending the same conference to catch up!

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