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Identifying Methods For Modernized Medical Practice Management

By January 23, 2023July 31st, 2023Family Medicine

Healthcare is a forward looking industry and much of the conversion among its stakeholders revolves around new approaches. Practitioners want to focus on what will benefit their patients and avoid distraction. There are many benefits to new tools and approaches to make your practice more efficient and organized. Implementation hurdles and competing obligations can be met head on with a proactive approach to improve medical practice management with options that fit your goals.

Leverage Technology

Whether yours is a private practice or part of a bigger healthcare system, there are a number of opportunities to modernize your practice by leveraging technology. If you’re picturing complex systems and a small army of IT professionals just to operate these systems–don’t. Many are user friendly and have a lighter technological footprint than you’d expect while providing consistent results.

Staff Efficiency Tools

Staff is an important resource required for your practice to thrive. Eliminate paperwork, improve scheduling workflows, and facilitate communication with the latest healthcare software apps. Popular options include EMR and EHR systems.

Patient Technologies

Engaging with the healthcare system is often as difficult for the patient as it is the practitioner. Technology has the potential to simplify care delivery and enhance touchpoints throughout the patient journey. Medical portal technologies can offer secure, direct messaging and access to records and labs along with integrated scheduling. The right implementation of these tools could elevate your practice and ensure patients have the information they need when they need it.

Diversify Your Offering

Healthcare is becoming more personalized and patient expectations are changing accordingly. As a result, practitioners should be targeting the unique needs of the patient populations they serve with tailored care. While standard acute care models will remain largely the same with these changes, preventative medicine and management of chronic illness will see a boost. These holistic approaches to care match the trends and consumer expectations happening in other industries to attract more millennial and Gen Z patients.

Formal nutrition guidance, weight loss services, sleep services, women’s health, and mental health services can not only enhance the patient experience but also can attract new patients and boost the financial health of your practice.

Consider Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing are numerous and can be readily applied to medical practices of all types. Commonly outsourced operations are IT, administration, scheduling, and marketing. Outsourcing is an increasingly common strategy to protect your practice’s financial health by stabilizing overhead and increasing flexibility.

Many practitioners find a virtual assistant (VA) an effective way to outsource that can be ramped up quickly. Virtual assistants can play a critical role in the shift to telehealth and telemedicine by boosting the benefits for both patients and practices. As the service matures, highly-trained and specialized VAs become readily available at manageable costs.

Reorganize Your Patient Flow

When was the last time you looked at your patient flow? This oft-neglected aspect of a practice can be streamlined for better care and an improved patient experience.

Consider how a digital intake experience can provide the instant connection patients are looking for. Reduce the administrative burden of initial visits with upfront health assessments and patient triage. Training staff to be more flexible in conducting steps to the patient flow can make your practice more nimble and alleviate the logjams that happen at critical points in the patient flow.

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