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Why ACCME Accredited CME Credits are Required?

By November 26, 2021November 30th, 2023Blog
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Here are five reasons why acquiring ACCME accredited physician CME credits is a must for doctors.

The field of medicine is changing at a lightning pace every day. Continuing medical education programs are designed to help licensed doctors stay in tune with the times and bridge any gaps in their knowledge.

To make Physician CME programs more accessible to every doctor in America, the ACCME has started offering on-demand CME programs. This learning model allows doctors to take up their physician CME programs at a time and venue of their comfort.

What are Physician CME Credits?

A physician CME credit is given to a doctor upon their completion of a continuing medical education program. The credit is an indication that the doctor has completed all the academic and practical expectations of the on-demand CME program successfully.

This article discusses why on-demand CME Credits are necessary for doctors and how they can benefit them.

Advantages of obtaining Physician CME credits

Let us understand why ACCME accredited physician CME credits are necessary for doctors in the US:

1. Continuing Medical Education credits help you retain your medical license

The most important reason why a physician CME credit is absolutely required is that your medical license validity depends on it. Many state medical boards require their doctors to acquire credits by completing on-demand CME. For example, in the State of Washington, where doctors must mandatorily acquire 200 physician CME credits every 4 years. Otherwise, they risk losing their license.
When it comes to credits, it is important to keep in mind that you have two different categories of on-demand CME credits:

AMA PRA Category 1 Credit

These credits are obtained by participating in Continuing Medical Education programs that are certified by the AMA, and these are essential and required by various medical licensing and governing agencies.

AMA PRA Category 2 Credit

These credits are obtained when doctors take up Physician CME programs that are not certified in Category 1. They include courses that are mandatorily necessary for the eyes of licensing authorities. However, they can be taken by doctors for personal academic growth.
When it comes to maintaining your medical license, you will need to obtain AMA PRA Category 1 Credits mandatorily. You can get these category 1 credits by:

  • Teaching a medical event certified by the AMA.
  • Publish research in medical journals.
  • Complete an advanced medical degree.
  • Participate in an ACCME accredited residency/fellowship program.

Doctors can also participate in international events certified by the AMA PRA Category 1 to obtain physician CME credits.

2. They help you retain your specialty certification

Apart from the medical license, your board specialty certification is also jeopardy if physician CME credit requirements are not met. Additionally, doctors who are unable to or do not complete their Continuing Medical Education credits will risk losing out on their growth opportunities in the form of promotion and pay rise.

3.They help you stay up to date with the latest medical discoveries

Physician CME programs are created with the express intent to help doctors stay current with the latest medical developments. The CME programs are designed with specialty-specific academic and practical insights, which help train doctors in the latest best practices. These on-demand CME courses are reviewed by experts in the field of medicine and are updated every few months to account for the fast-paced changes in the medical industry.
The resultant physician CME credits are a testament to hospital management, peers, and patients about your expertise in your specialty.

4. They improve patient treatments and increase positive outcomes

Since Physician CME credits indicate a doctor’s expertise and knowledge, they automatically lead to better patient care. By completing Continuing Medical Education programs, doctors will be better equipped to implement the latest treatments and medical technology to improve diagnosis and treatment tremendously.
Additionally, Increased knowledge about the latest practices and developments can encourage doctors to get creative with their treatments and recovery techniques. In this way, through the acquisition of physician CME credits, doctors will be able to help patients lead better quality lives.

5. They help doctors earn a place in reputed organizations and institutions

Some hospitals in America hire only reputed doctors who are the best in their field. Other non-medical institutions, boards, and not-for-profit groups may have very stringent requirements for board members.

Continuing Medical Education programs and on-demand CME credits allow doctors to obtain the highest level of training and learning in the field of medicine. Because of this, you will find doors opening for you in many places, which otherwise may not. Doctors with this type of reach and position will do so much more good for the world.

Acquire your ACCME accredited CME credits and bring your dream career to life!

American Medical Seminars has immense experience working with doctors who wish to obtain their physician CME credits. Reach out to us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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